CEENGINE project aims at enforcing ad stimulating Central and Eastern European Association (CEENet) activities related to incubation and development of
National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in Central, Eastern, Southern Europe and Central Asia.

With the support of EU in the form of CEENGINE project, it is expected that the Association engages more intensively and aggressively in supporting and developing NRENs in the areas which are both complementary to enabling GEANT3.

What are the objectives?

CEENGINE relies heavily on the unqualified experience, expertise and competence of CEENet in Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, and aims to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Coordination of activities between e-infrastructures initiatives in the region;
  • Raising awareness and technical know-how necessary for integration with GEANT, including dark-fibre, cross-border connections;
  •  Fostering international cooperation and extension of GEANT towards the East;
  • The intensification of dissemination of e-infrastructure programme and related projects (GEANT, BSI, CAREN, various GRID and HPC initiatives) in the region.

How is it going to happen?

CEENGINE will follow quite simple yet carefully crafted work plan. There are four major activities that will ensure the achievement of project objectives:

The identification of NREN’s users and support to user communities (in the sense of stimulating, disseminating information, supporting participation in European
research activities) in order to create a stable base of NREN supporters; this follows our belief that NREN should perform stimulating role towards their users’

The development and support of NRENs; non-existence or weak performance of NRENs discourages user communities or greatly impedes their participation in collaborative international research; we believe that each country’s academic community needs dedicated research facilities and NERN is such a facility. Such as there is no good transport economy without the access to international research facilities such as NRENs and GEANT; this activity is very much dependent on the first one – there are no good NRENs if there are no users;

The coordination of research activities; NRENs are subject to constant development – mainly due to ever-changing technology, legal environment as well as new ways of interoperation with partners; this situation requires constant monitoring and even participation of NRENs in relevant research activities; for this purpose CEENGINE will create a competence database and will offer domain contact point services for NRENs and their users willing to participate in international research

The education; the results of the first three activities will provide valuable information that will be processed to the workshop materials, for three dedicated workshops:

  • NRENs users workshop
  • NRENs technology workshop 
  • NRENs managerial/policy workshop

The dissemination; “80% of success is showing up” said Woody Allen;

CEENGINE in the top 10% of the EC projects

CEENGINE – recent flagship project of CEENET has come to an end, after 42 months of operations. The final review of the project took place in Brussels on 5/2/2014, and we are happy to announce, that independent reviewers ranked this project “EXCELLENT” placing it in the top 10% of all EC-funded projects, right next to leading […]

CEENGINE Newsletter #8, December 2013

 Foreword from project coordinator This is the last newsletter produced by our team within this project, which finishes at the end of the year. We can safely state now, that CEENGINE made a difference. It was in many ways a special project, a great opportunity for our community, which has been exploited to full extent […]

CEENGINE Network Technology Workshop on security

Our last workshop – CEENGINE NRENs Security Workshop was organized in Tbilisi, from 4th  to 7th of December, 2013. The event co-organized by CEENET/CEENGINE and GEANT provided a number of presentation on security technologies, policies and general matters relevant to NRENs for over 60 participants from Europe. Hosted in excellent venue of Radisson Iveria Blu […]

Over 60 security specialist and network administrators gather in Tbilisi for CEENGINE Network Technology workshop on security

Over 60 leading security specialists from NRENs in Eastern Europe are now participating in CEENGINE Network Technology “Secure Research in Secure Cyberspace”. The event hosted by Georgian Research and Educational Network (GRENA) in Tbilisi is the third and the last workshop of CEENGINE project, executed by CEENET. Thanks to EC co-funding to CEENGINE project and […]

CEENGINE in the top 10% of the EC projects
CEENGINE Network Technology Workshop on security
CEENGINE NRENs Users Workshop – 22nd May 2013 in Kiev
Eastern Partnership Workshop on eInfrastructures in Chisinau, Moldova, 11-12 December 2012