Non-profit organisation of NRENs

Central and Eastern European Networking Association (CEENet) is a non-profit organization registered in Vienna, Austria under the Austrian law. Ordinary members of the CEENet are officially authorized national organizations, which focus on the research networks (usually NRENs).


The association includes are ordinary members and supporting members. Ordinary members include the NRENs and supporting members are recruited from other legal entities and individuals

Statutory bodies

Representatives of all the members form the General Meeting (GM) which is the highest governing body that defines the policy, the objectives, the strategies and the tasks of the Association.

The Management Committee (MC), composed of 6 elected members, headed by a chairman, executes the decisions of the GM.

The Secretary General of the Association is in charge of the CEENET Secretariat, which takes care of the daily duties as defined by the MC.

The Association with its simple and effective structure, low membership fees, small, yet propulsive Secretariat, and numerous activities and projects has attracted many countries to join, and has gained wide international prominence.