CEENGINE has undergone its third review, after 2 years of operations.

The review, devoted to the assessment of the last year of operations, was held in Brussels. Besides the usual review team – project officer Athina Zampara, the reviewers Dr. Tor Bloch, Dr. Heikki Sundquist and Dr. Fulvio Casali and CEENGINE representation: Dr. Krasimir Simonski, prof. Octavian Rusu, Michal Przybylski, our review was attended by Jean-Luc Durel – GEANT project officer from EC.

The review was very constructive and concentrated to large extent on the challenges of GEANT project in Eastern Europe. In the result of the discussion, CEENGINE was recommended to raise some of its activities to GEANT level.

It is our pleasure to inform that our activities within the project were assessed as “EXCELLENT”.