CEENGINE in the top 10% of the EC projects

CEENGINE – recent flagship project of CEENET has come to an end, after 42 months of operations.┬áThe final review of the project took place in Brussels on 5/2/2014, and we are happy to announce, that independent reviewers ranked this project “EXCELLENT” placing it in the top 10% of all EC-funded projects, right next to leading projects like GEANT.

The project, executed solely by CEENET as its only contractor, focused on contiuous support to Eastern European NREN in strengthening national infrastructure and the integration with GEANT.

The highlights of the project, executed between 2010-2014 include

CEENET also executed an intensive lobbying campaign resulting in application of new membership scheme in GEANT (and admission of NRENS from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine to GEANT).
CEENET itself has also secured a place in GEANT, where – thanks to collaboration with TERENA – we are responsible for activities related to digital inclusion and services dissemination in Eastern Europe. It is extremely important, because thanks to streamlining our activitied with GEANT we can continue to support our NRENS in more effective way.