CEENet launches GEANT campaign

Dear Friends,

CEENet decided to capitalize its almost 20-years of history of NRENs incubation and support in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – and to apply for GEANT membership. This application is an effect of unanimous decision of non-GEANT CEENet members and associates who foresee the need for reducing the research and development gap between GEANT and non-GEANT NRENs. Our research within CEENGINE project shows that there is clear demand to enforce GEANT activities in Eastern Europe and to prepare yet non-GEANT NRENs to smooth transition to full GEANT membership. Such enforcement cannot happen without proper representation of non-GEANT NRENs in GEANT.

CEENet, an organisation established by and supporting Eastern Europe and Central Asia NRENs, is a key player in this process. In our belief, GEANT shall be open to all European NRENs and their associations and we would like to ask you for your support in this process. Please find below the rational for our activity and proposed programme.

CEENet Management Committee:


Supported by:

ACONET(Austria), ANA(Albania), ASNET-AM(Armenia), AZRENA(Azerbaijan), BREN(Bulgaria), e-ARENA(Russia) FREENet(Russia), GRENA(Georgia), ISOC-AM(Armenia), KAZRENA(Kazakhstan), MREN(Montenegro), NASK(Poland), RBNET(Russia), RENAM(Moldova), RoEduNet(Romania), SANET(Slovakia), TURENA(Turkmenistan), UARNET(Ukraine) UPT(Albania), URAN(Ukraine), UZSCINET(Uzbekistan)