CEENET influences GN3 to open way for new membership types

Last GEANT NREN PC meeting in Munich (15.3.2012) has brought revolutionary change to the current GN3 membership scheme. A new idea that will be incorporated in GN3+ proposal later this year, will include the possibility to participate in GN3+ works even without being physically connected to the core network. It is a great chance to include the human resources of many NRENs that can not afford connecting to GEANT yet.

This proposal also removes the important factor slowing down GEANT expansion in the Eastern Europe – this is high connectivity cost in non-competitive markets and related increase in the shared-costs of other GEANT members. Now potential new NREN members of GEANT will be able to collaborate in research activities of the project, while still connecting to GEANT via their existing commercial uplinks.

CEENet community welcomes such proposal with great satisfaction.