4 teams from 7 countries compete in CEENET CERT Games in Sofia, Bulgaria

On June 17-18th 2014, in the premises of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, after 2 days of comprehensive lectures on network security, CERT teams composed of security engineers from 7 Eastern European countries competed in CERT Games organised by CEENET and COMCERT POLAND within GEANT3+ project.

The scenario of Games assumed emergency takeover of ill-maintained corporate IT infrastructure of an enterprise with the objective to protect it from penetration attacks as well as preserve from ongoing DDoS attacks, thus maintaining availability and security of data and services.

The exercises demonstrated the good understanding of network/systems security mechanisms by the engineers, they also showed that they can quickly organise into manageable groups and perform task in the most effective fashion.

The exercise also revealed the need for further in depth training in certain areas of security as well as the need for further work on procedures related to reaction to emergency situations, which is in scope of planned CERT-related activities of CEENET and will be a subject of future training/coordination activities.

Presentations from the workshop in Sofia (the list will be updated)