Third CEENet Workshop on Network Technology, 24.8-1.9.1997, Zagreb, Croatia

The City of Zagreb was the home of the Third CEENet Workshop on NetworkTechnology which took place from August 24 until September 1, 1997. The two venues for the whole event were: the “Cvjetno” campus which provided room and board for the participants, and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FER) that housed the lectures, the recitations and the entire laboratory work.

 The workshop opened on August 24, 1997, at the Maximus Hall of the FER�with the presence of the Rector of the University of Zagreb, representatives of the Croatian Academic and Research Network (CARNet), the Soros Foundation, the attendees, and the lecturers. The series of welcome speeches was started by the Professor Lovrak, Vice-dean of FER, Mr. Predrag Pale, The Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of Croatia, Mr. Jonathan Peizer, the Chief Information Technology Officer of the Soros Foundation, Mr. Predrag Vidas, the CEO of CARNet, Dr. Jacek Gajewski, in the name of the Organizing Committee andCEENet, and Professor Oliver Popov, who spoke on behalf of the ProgrammeCommittee and lecturers. Mr. Vidas, actually delivered his speech by using the multimedia technology from the offices of CARNet, over a 625 Mbps ATM line. The opening ceremony proved to be an appropriate setting to promote the second publication by CEENet, a selection of the lectures delivered in Budapest, a book under the title “The Gateway to Cyberspace” and dedicated to the lecturers.
 Zagreb was the place where the Workshop received more attention then any previous one by both the printed and electronic press.The first press conference was with the speakers from the opening session. Indeed, during the whole week of the Workshop, Dr. Gajewski and Professor Popov gave numerous interviews to some of the major Croatian daily newspapers and magazines, radio and TV stations.
The workshop in Zagreb was made possible through a generous grant from theSoros Foundation and a donation by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Croatia which materialized in a free housing in the dormitory for all of the participants and reduced prices for the equipment, lecture halls, and laboratories.

The educational system of the Workshop was comprised from three different types of activities: the regular scientific program, the presentations given by the sponsors, and finally the evening lectures.

 1. The Programme of the Workshop and the Lecturers

  The Programme was significantly enriched this year with topics and areaspertinent to the latest in network technology. It was due in part to the infrastructure, the implementation of ATM on national basis, and the fact that CARNet relies heavily on the human and technical resources from FER. The basic topology of the Workshop network was already build and software installed, when the first lectures and organizers arrived in Zagreb. It was done by the CARNet technical team, led by Mr. Nevenko Bartolincic. They are to be commended for the outstanding job done before and during the Workshop.
 Joined by a couple of lecturers from CARNet, most of the CEENet ’96 team oflecturers, and lead by the experienced track leaders, Mr. Jauk and Mr Bogusz, was capable of carrying out the demanding programme listed below:
The Start-up Internet Networking or Names, Addresses and Domains, Technological prerequisites
Network Technologies
Basic Internet Networking
Internet Sources and Systems
Serial Communications
Connecting Networks
Network Management
Fundamentals of Network Security
ATM Technology
The List of Lecturers