The Fifth CEENet Workshop in Network Technology, August 17-25, 1999, Budapest, Hungary

After three years, and the workshops in Zagreb and Bratislava, the CEENet has organized its annual Network Technology Workshop again in Budapest, at the CEU Conference Center. This was consistent with the new concept introduced by the workshop organizers and approved by the CEENet GA and MC, namely to promote the CEU CC as a permanent site for CEENet educational activities. The decision was based on the excellent networking facilities already present, the satisfactory level of accommodation, and the favorable geographical position of Budapest with respect to many CEE countries, which makes the cost and the length of travel acceptable for many of the participants.

 The Fifth CEENet Workshop on Network Technology took place in Budapest,Hungary, from August 17 to August 25, 1999. The opening of the Workshop was on Tuesday, August 17, at the Central European University Conference Center, with the presence of officials from OSI, CEU, Hungarnet, CEENet, the Organizing and Programming Committees, the CEENet team of lecturers, and the attendees.
A short welcome speeches were given by the Chairman of CEENet Dr. JanGruntorad, by Professor Layos Balint in the name of Hungarnet, Dr. GaborFarcas from the CEU, Mr. Jurgens Hess from OSI, D-r Jacek Gajewski as the Chair of the Organizing Committee and Professor Dr. Oliver B. Popov for the Programme Committee and the Lecturer’s team. In addition, the selection of the lectures from the Bratislava Workshop in a form of book under the title “The Fourth CEENet Workshop on Network Technology: Open Networks – Close World” was promoted and distributed among the sponsors, the media and the attendees.
The workshop (preceeded by the OSI summit) was attended by 105 studentsfrom following 25 countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kosovo Region, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, USA, Uzbekistan. They were teached by a team of 25 lecturers and instructors from following 13 countries: Canada, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Macedonia, Nederland, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.
 The realization of the Workshop was made possible by the generous donation by the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation). Moreover, the in-kindcontributions of CISCO, SUN, Crawford Communications, 3Com, New Deal,O’Reilly and Associates, MatavCom and the NetSat (with a total value of circa $37000), as well as Hungarian Soros Foundation and CEU were essential in establishing the right learning environment.

The Programme of the Workshop

The Scientific Programme of the Fifth Workshop was presented at the CEENetGA meeting in Warsaw at the end of May, 1999. The new format of the previous workshop in Bratislava, namely to have three tracks, a technical one, the services and third on distance learning was maintained. The latter was preceeded by a distance learning pre-course, which was essential in choosing right level of students with satisfactory command of English.The lectures started on Wednesday morning, August 18, and ended a week later, on Wednesday noon, August 25.
SONETA’99 (School of Networking Technology and Applications)
Chair of the Programme Committee: Oliver B. Popov
Evening Lecture Series Moderators: Oliver B. Popov, Jacek Gajewski Sponsor’s Spotlight Moderators: Oliver B. Popov, Jacek Gajewski