Second CEENet Workshop in Network Technology 24.08-1.09, 1996, Budapest, Hungary

The Second CEENet Workshop on Network Technology took place in Budapest, Hungary, from August 24 to September 1, 1996. It was held in the newly erected Central European University Conference Center, a facility associated with the Central European University, which provided excellent living facilities and a very good technical infrastructure.

The opening of the Workshop was on Saturday, August 24, with the presence of the representatives of the principal sponsors Soros foundation and NATO, the Central European University, Hungarnet, Internet Society, CEENet, the Organizing and Programming Committees, the equipment vendors, members of the press, the CEENet team of lecturers and the attendees. A short welcome speeches were given by the Vice-president of CEU Dr. Jonathan Becker, by Dr. Laszlo Csaba in the name of CEENet, by Mr. Jonathan Peizer for the SorosFoundation, Mr. George Sadowsky as the vice-president for education of the ISOC and Ms. Jo-Anne Scott as the INET Workshop organizer, D-r Jacek Gajewski as the Chair of the Organizing Committee and Professor Dr. Oliver B. Popov for the Programme Committee and the Lecturer’s team. The representatives of the sponsors who gave equipment which made possible the whole effort such as Sun MicroSystems, Cisco, HP and Silicon Graphics participated at the ceremonies.
 In addition, the selection of the lectures from the Warsaw Workshop in a form of book under the title “The First CEENet Workshop on Network Technology: The Road to Global Connectivity” was promoted and distributed among the sponsors, the media and the attendees. The whole event was widely covered by the TV, electronic and printed press, and drew considerable attention that was clear from the press conference that immediately followed the opening.After the ceremony, there was a meeting with the attendees where they were introduced to the instructional facilities, the lab and equipment usage policy.
 The realization of the Workshop was made possible by the generous donations of the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) and NATO. Morover, the contributions of CISCO, SUN, SGI and HP as well as Hungarian Soros Foundation, HUNGARNET and CEU were essential in establishing the computing and communication environment.

The Programme of the Workshop

The Scientific Programme of the Second Workshop was presented at the CEENet GA meeting in Bucharest at the end of March, 1996.

During the summer it was slightly modified with the introduction of several new topics and the order was revised, based on the consultations with the track leaders. The format of the previous workshop, namely to have two tracks, one technical and the other services and management oriented was maintained. However, the number of joint sessions was increased with respect to the last year event. The lectures started on Sunday morning, August 25, and ended a week later, on Sunday noon,
September 1.
The CEENet Workshop Programme
The History and the Nature of Communications
 The Inevitability of the Information
Types of Data and Communication
The VSAT Links
Local and Wide Area Networks
Basic Internet Networking
The Internet Network Organization
Serial Communications
Network Management
Internet Sources and Systems
Connecting Networks
Network Security
Local IR Training
User Support and Training
The Lecturers of the Second CEENet Workshop