First CEENet Workshop on Network Policy, May 29-31, 1997, Tartu, Estonia


First CEENET workshop on Network Policy has been organized by the CEENet in cooperation with the Estonian Educational and Research Network (EENet) and the Computing Centre of the Tartu University (CCTU). It took place in the main building of the Tartu University (TU). A suitable computer infrastructure for the communication of the participants was organized at the CCTU. An Editorial Committee found excellent working conditions at the EENet headquarters. At the opening ceremony, short speeches were given by the Prorector of the TU prof. Toivo Maimets, the Head of the Department of Research and Universities from the Ministry of Education of Estonia Prof.Ain Heinaru, Professor Tomasz Hofmokl the Chairman of the CEENet, Dr. Jacek Gajewski in the name of the Organizing Committee and Professor Oliver B. Popov for the Programme Committee and the lecturers.
The realization of the Workshop was sponsored by the NATO OSI (Soros Foundation) grants. Local arrangments were done perfectly by a Local Organizing Committee, a combined team of EENet and CCTU employees, efficiently coordinated by Ms Anne Mardimae.
The Programme of the Workshop In the short history since its foundation, the Central and Eastern European Networking Association (CEENet) has become a fertile ground for promoting the technical and organization co-operation between national
networks in the region, an agora for exchange of ideas and information pertinent to the activities of each member network and the long term planning of their future, and as a affirmative vehicle in representing the organization and its constituents on the international scene.The necessity to address and possibly resolve problems beyond the technology level (organization, administration, funding, co-operation), was the primary insipration of the CEENet members to organize the Policy Workshop.