CEENET Workshop on Network Policy, Kiev, April 2-6 2003

This workshop was aimed to help the Ukrainian scientific community to organize a pan-ukrainian academic computer network. After several years of local rivalries between several, sometimes geographically spread local initiatives, the four organizations (MoE, State Committee for Communication, AoS, Ukrtelecom), with the political support of President Kuchma, decided to create a new academic network organization (called UNREN). UNREN will have a form of an association and will be responsible for maintaining a vital data link to european backbone GEANT, the optimization of links within the country and the cooperation of already existing sub-networks. A group of experts from NATO countries shared their know-how in design and running of the national academic networks, in the inclusion of various user groups and small remote academic centres as well as in possible economic models, possible for UNREN association. UNREN, being at the time of the conference only few weeks .old., could not fully describe its future structure and organization. The participation of the National Telecom in NREN, which is a unique situation in Europe, arousedmany reservations and fears. This reservations were openly expressed and were intensified by the fact that the link to GEANT is nearly idle. On the other hand the fruitful cooperation of UkrTelecom is potentially a great asset for the emerging UNREN.