CEENet Workshop on Network Policy, Issyk-Kul 2001

The workshop in Issyk-Kul was devoted to the support of Kyrgyz Research and Educational Network (KREN)

Since 1998, the construction of the Kyrgyz Research and Educational Network using high-tech infrastructure has been supported by the Scientific program of NATO. From the very beginning, Kyrgyzstan has supported the idea of the Virtual Silk Highway project and has actively participated in the preparation and realization of this international project. The project officially began in Issyk-Kul in September 2001 during an CEENet workshop on advanced computer networks. It is necessary to note that the Silk Highway project is an embodiment of ideas from the Doctrine “Diplomacy of the Silk Road,” established a precident for new information and communication technology. In 1999, the Doctrine established the logical and imperative necessity for the revival of the “Great Silk Road” on the qualitatively new basis of high tech communications. At the present stage, revival of the “Great Silk Road” allows for the transformation of this region into a zone of stability, safety, friendship, cooperation and equal partnership.