Porta Optica Study publications

D3.2: Economic analysis, dark fibre usage cost model and model of operations

This document presents the economical considerations of photonic networks deployment in Eastern Europe

D3.1 Case studies
This document aims at the initial design of fiber networks based on the information about research institutions and fiber availability.
D4.4 Events Proceedings
Deliverable D4.4 contains events proceedings
D2.2: Special issues related to Southern Caucasus
This report presents special issues related to Southern Caucasus region.
D1.2 NREN Status and Development Plans
Document describes the working environment of target country NRENs in the Porta Optica Study, their status, type, funding scheme and management, infrastructure, nodes/equipment and connectivity types.
D2.3 Legal and Political Environment of NRENs
This report describes legal and political environment of NRENs in Eastern Europe
D1.4: Requirements of user communities
This report presents the results of a special survey aimed at the specific needs of the selected user communities.
D1.1: Users database

This report contains description of users which can benefit from high-speed dark-fibre network