CEENGINE in the top 10% of the EC projects
CEENGINE - recent flagship project of CEENET has come to an end, after 42 months of operations. The final review of the project took place in Brussels on 5/2/2014, and we are happy to announce, that independent reviewers ranked this project "EXCELLENT" placing it in the top 10% of all EC-funded projects, right next to leading projects like GEANT. The project, executed solely by CEENET as its only contractor, focused on contiuous support to Eastern European NREN in strengthening national infrastructure and the integration with GEANT. The highlights of the project, executed between 2010-2014 include
  • NRENs Policy Workshop in Bucharest, Romania, 2011 (Eastern Partnership Event) coorganised with TERENA & GEANT
  • NRENs Users Workshop in Kiev, Ukraine, 2013, coorganised with PICTURE project
  • NREN Technology Workshop in Tbilisi policy, users and technologies)
CEENET also executed an intensive lobbying campaign resulting in application of new m...
CEENGINE Network Technology Workshop on security
Our last workshop – CEENGINE NRENs Security Workshop was organized in Tbilisi, from 4th  to 7th of December, 2013. The event co-organized by CEENET/CEENGINE and GEANT provided a number of presentation on security technologies, policies and general matters relevant to NRENs for over 60 participants from Europe. Hosted in excellent venue of Radisson Iveria Blu Tbilisi, within beautiful surroundings of the ancient city, the workshop provided a nice conclusion of the project and marked the start of closer cooperation with GEANT project. The programme included 2 days of lectures organised by CEENGINE and one day of relevant security topics from GEANT Campus Best Practices activity. For the first time in CEENET events, eduroam was available, thanks to FUNET. Pictures from the event are available at Flickr Electronic copies of the presentations can be downloaded by clicking on ...
CEENGINE NRENs Users Workshop – 22nd May 2013 in Kiev
CEENGINE NRENs Users Workshop took place on 22nd May 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine. The event organised by Central and Eastern European Networking Association (CEENET) within its  FP7 CEENGINE project, was hosted by Ukrainian Research and Academic Network  (URAN) in the premises of Kiev Politechnic Institute (KPI). The funding for the event came from DG-CONNECT and CEENET (who co-fund CEENGINE project) and from Eastern Partnership (EaP) Platform IV/ Multilateral Part of the European Neigborhood Policy Instrument (ENPI) who provided substantial financial support to the project logistics and travel of the participants. The Workshop was attended by over 70 paticipants from 14 countries, with majority representing EaP stakeholders in R&D – identified as important NRENs users by CEENGINE project. The event also attracted government representatives from Moldova, Ukraine & Belarus. European Union was represented by DG-CONNECT, a number of selected infrastructure projects (GEANT, EGI, DRIH...
Eastern Partnership Workshop on eInfrastructures in Chisinau, Moldova, 11-12 December 2012
eInfrastructures in Eastern Partnership Countries were the topic of discussions during the Eastern Partnership Event in Chisinau - a debate on the was of improving e-infrastructures in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine by ensuring collaboration of the NRENs, academia and policy makers in order to raise awareness of the importance of computer networks and services. In the result of the meeting a "Chisinau Declaration" signed by over 50 key stakeholders of eInfrastructures has been sent to the European Commission for consideration. It has been agreed that the region needs a dedicated feasibility study for the establishment of a regional network connecting all Eastern Partnership countries.
CEENGINE Policy Workshop, Bucharest 7-8 November 2011
UPDATE: Full event report is available here CEENGINE has a pleasure to invite all NRENs managers and stakeholders to its NREN Policy Workshop - an event aiming at strengthening the position and sustainability of NRENs in Eastern Europe, Caucassus and Central Asia. Date & Location CEENGINE NREN Policy Workshop will take place on 7-8 November 2011 in Bucharest. Organisation The event  is co-organised by CEENGINE, GEANT and HP-SEE and it is hosted by Romanian Authority for Scientific Research (i.e. Ministry of Science) Target audience:
  • policy and decision makers,
  • representatives of EU,
  • NREN managers,
  • project coordinators
Workshop topics:
  • NREN st...